A Turn for the Verse

Dave Killion — February 14, 2012

"There once was a man from Nantucket... "

After I finished high school, I served three years in the US Marines, shortly after which I moved to Canada. I took a carpentry apprenticeship and worked my way first to become a journeyman, then a lead hand, and then a foreman. After that, I started my own construction business, and while I was running that I got my certification to become a building inspector. While working as a building inspector, I attended university at nights, and completed a degree a couple years ago. I have done all of this in order to earn more money to provide good things for me and my family, and to spend on the things I care about, not so that  a great deal of it could be taken away from me and spent on things I don’t care about. Things like a Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate

“The Poet’s role is to encourage and promote the importance of literature, culture and language in Canadian society. Federal legislators created the position in 2001 to draw Canadians’ attention to poetry, both spoken and written, and its role in our lives.”

Nice work, if you can get it

The position comes with an annual stipend of $20,000, up to $13,000 in travel expenses annually, a budget for administrative expenses and translation/adaptation into Canada’s second official language.

Not the jackpot that would result from getting Oprah’s nod, but still, not too shabby. And although it’s not as fiscally devastating as most government projects, it’s still $40,000 +/- that won’t be donated to cancer research, protection of endangered species, education of girls in developing countries, or any other of the causes Canadians might have otherwise supported voluntarily. There’s no justice in that, poetic or otherwise.


Shirley says

Some things just seem so simple…. I’m reposting this on my FB Dave. Nicely stated.

— February 14, 2012

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