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Dave Killion — February 15, 2012

It may be vital to national security that you ask this woman out!

Not being fully recovered from the romantic vapours surrounding Valentine’s Day, I was struck by an idea while reading a portion of ¬†Franz Oppenheimer’s article for the Mises Institute, “Barter in Prehistoric Times” –

“On the other hand, the exchange of women is observed universally, and doubtless exerts an extraordinarily strong influence in the development of peaceable intercourse between neighboring tribes, and in the preparation for barter of merchandise. The story of the Sabine women, who threw themselves between their brothers and their husbands, as these were about to engage in battle, must have been an actuality in a thousand instances in the course of the development of the human race.”

Intermarriage has indeed been a strong force for maintaining peace between neighbours for many, many years, and I have to ask: wouldn’t this effect continue into modern times? What if Canadians and Americans began actively seeking spouses from countries allegedly hostile to our respective nations? I think if the phenomenon were wide-spread, it could have a chilling effect on the likelihood of warfare between “us'” and “them”. Granted, there are cultural and linguistic barriers to overcome (not to mention government-created impediments e.g. immigration regulation) but as they say, love conquers all. And although the state may limit one’s ability to trade goods with Iran, for example, so far it doesn’t prevent you from marrying the (heterosexual) person of your choice. So if you’re a single person, consider broadening your horizons a little.

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