Hoppe on Abortion

Antony — February 22, 2012

Dave’s post from yesterday reminded me of an interesting video that I’ve been meaning to share. In it, Hans-Hermann Hoppe addresses a few difficult issues from a libertarian perspective, including abortion, parent-child obligations, and lifeboat scenarios. He also brings up a topic that came up in our last book club meeting: whether children are the “product” of their parents, and thus owned by them.

I think his arguments are reasonable. Basically, libertarian theory does not necessarily provide clear answers to many of these difficult issues, but it does guide us in how to deal with them. And I think that is the important point. Regardless of how we feel about the ethics of specific issues, we should try to solve problems through voluntary means, and without recourse to state power.


David says

I don’t like the fact that Hoppe emphasizes that the only thing that matters is that the state doesn’t interfere. Certainly I don’t want the state to interfere either but the far more important question is how will the life of the unborn child be protected? State or no state the taking of human life is unjust. Libertarians believe in self ownership therefore unborn children own their own bodies. The argument that because they are dependant upon their mothers means they don’t have self ownership is bogus. Six month old babies are also dependant upon their care givers but we don’t allow people to go around killing six month olds now do we? You would be hard pressed to find someone who thought that wasn’t murder.

It is a biological FACT that human life begins at the point of conception. To take a life after it has come into existence is murder.

So the real question is how would an anarcho-capitalist society mitigate or eradicate abortion altogether?

— February 27, 2012

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