I, Fish

Dave Killion — February 27, 2012

Researchers have invented a robot whose fish-like qualities appear capable of persuading other fish to follow them. Such a device could have some environmental benefits –

“Outside of animal behavior laboratories, remote-controlled robofish might be used to help mitigate the damage of human-caused ecological disasters.

“If accepted by the animals, robotic fish may act as leaders and drive them away from human-induced ecological disasters that are affecting life in aquatic environments, such as oil spills, and man-made structures, such as dams…”

You were probably envisioning something slightly more sophisticated.


My first thought was that the device may one day provide a means to ‘ranch’ fish in the open ocean, rather than farming them in tanks and pens. I imagine robot fish traveling with schools of live fish, monitoring their movements, protecting them from predators, and then guiding them back to areas from which they could be harvested. Just another wonder of the market!

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