Dave Killion — March 5, 2012

I am pleased to announce that FrackNation, the Kickstarter project I mentioned a couple posts earlier, has reached its target a whole month ahead of the deadline! I am confident that the faithful followers of the Libertarian Book Club were responsible for a flurry of donations that put FrackNation over the top, but if you were one of those unfortunate few who let the chance to contribute slip by, fear not! The filmmakers are pleading for even more support for this vital movie. Better still, a pledge of at least $20 will get you a copy of the DVD when it is released, so it’s not even so much pledging to donate as it is pledging to make a purchase. So call now! Operators are standing by!


Antony Zegers says

Hey Dave, Yeah I made a donation after your last post. Look forward to getting my DVD. It’s not a bad price for a DVD anyway, and it’s nice to know you’ve contributed to getting the movie made!

— March 6, 2012

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