I Don’t Like the Looks of This

Dave Killion — March 7, 2012


Well, when you put it like that...

British Columbia teachers are on the third day of a three-day strike, the apex of which was a march to the provincial Parliament Building, where teachers protested the bill aimed at forcing an end to their labour dispute  –

“Union leaders looked over an estimated crowd of 5,000 striking teachers and union supporters on the lawns of the legislature at noon Tuesday and hailed it as a shining example of solidarity.

“This is what democracy looks like,” said Susan Lambert, president of the B.C. Teachers Federation.”

She’s right. A powerful special interest group, highly motivated by the possibility of concentrated benefits, lobbies the state with vigour. Meanwhile, the great majority of the public, over whom the costs are spread, find little incentive to fight back.  That is, precisely, what democracy looks like.


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