Total World Domination

Dave Killion — March 11, 2012

Last Thursday club members were talking about what legitimate functions a government has (if any), and it was put forward that a federal government is needed to restrain both state/provincial governments and local governments. Others responded that that argues in favour of a global government to restrain national governments. And you would think that if there’s anything libertarians would be universally opposed to, it would be One World Government! ¬†But libertarians are only opposed to coercive¬†government. A voluntary world government would be just fine. The only example we could think of was the Catholic Church, but we didn’t spend much time on the topic. I imagine just about every other major religion would also fit the bill, and international organizations like the International Olympic Committee. Any other ideas?



Shirley says

hmmm… no… a voluntary world government wouldn’t work for me. I think we all know it wouldn’t stay voluntary…would eventually presume to speak on behalf of us all and would be a big bully. If there must be government…it should be small, local, voluntary and competitive….like a co-op.

— March 15, 2012

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