Welfare Air

Dave Killion — March 15, 2012

Via The Province

“The B.C. government announced a pilot project Wednesday that will fly, house and clothe B.C.’s welfare recipients and unemployed should they want “very high-paying” jobs in the province’s employee-starved rural communities.”

See what they’re doing? The government is going to provide social welfare in such a fashion as to dish out corporate welfare! Northern companies are already hard at work seeking out quality employees, and providing incentives to entice them to take on these high-paying jobs. If they think someone is worth flying up, housing, training, and paying, then you can bet your boots they’ll do so. But now they won’t have to. The government will pick up the tab, and these companies will get the people they would have hired in any case, but at reduced cost. And if the government sends up people that wouldn’t have been hired without this subsidy, you can also bet the bulk of them will wash out. End result? Money shifted from the pockets of provincial taxpayers into the bank accounts of wealthy business owners. How this is supposed to help the poor is a mystery to me.

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