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Dave Killion — March 30, 2012

“I do not doubt that conservatives are, in their heart of hearts, jugheaded buffoons who simply want to will away inconvenient truths by plugging their ears and covering their eyes when faced with cognitive dissonance. I’m confident that they argue from authority when it serves their purpose and then are muy skeptical when confronted with authority they don’t like. I’m metaphysically certain that many are repllent and repulsive and altogether awful and that they tend to love dogs and cats in the abstract more than they do their fellow human beings in the flesh. In all this, I suspect, they are incredibly similar to liberals and, alas, libertarians, and everyone else.”

Nick Gillespie


Shirley says

“Jugheaded buffoons”….I love that phrase…I know it’s going to be rattling around in my head until I have the opportunity to use it in a conversation. And I love it that it is in their heart of hearts that they are jugheaded buffoons…..so much the better….

— March 30, 2012

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