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Dave Killion — April 7, 2012

“Libertarians are commonly accused of wanting to go back to the days of old, when only white landowning males had any rights. It’s not true. We want to have the rights we had back then, *AND* want those rights extended to all the other groups that didn’t have them. “

– Brad Warbiany, commenting on David Henderson’s blog post┬áconcerning Ted Levy’s blog post.

In his post, Levy constructs a metaphor in which liberty is a pool, originally deep and wide and enjoyed principally by white males. Over time, women and minorities have been granted greater access to the pool, but the pool has been shrunk so that we are all restricted to wading in the shallows, while none may immerse themselves.

Henderson agrees, but I think he and Levy are only looking at half the equation. While it is true that government regulation whittles away at our freedoms day by day, the market enhances our abilities to exercise our remaining freedoms at what I consider to be an even faster rate. This is, obviously, a subjective calculation, but I view it like this: if I could go back in time, at what period would I have a greater latitude to exercise my natural rights? When I consider the increases in wealth and the technological advances I would have to forego even a mere five years, I would say there is no such period. I wonder what Henderson and Levy would have to say about that?


David says

You make an excellent point Dave and its one I wish more libertarians would consider.

— April 7, 2012

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