Top Libertarian Websites

Antony — April 10, 2012

If you’re interested in finding out where libertarians are hanging out on the internet, this list of most visited libertarian websites may be of interest.

Lew Rockwell is at the top of the list, with about 800,000 unique visitors per month, easily besting the likes of Reason, Cato, and the Mises Institute. Several Ron Paul sites round out the top of the list, and one of my favorites, Bob Wenzel’s Economic Policy Journal, finishes just outside the top ten.

Of course, the best libertarian blog of all, the Libertarian Book Club, has yet to make the list. But watch out, now that we know our competition, we’ll be nipping at their heels soon enough!


Patrick says

You should have sent me an email to let me know to add you. I don’t know of every libertarian website in the world.

Luckily, you posted a link to the list so that I could find you.

— April 10, 2012

Dave Killion says

Thanks for making the effort to contact us, Patrick. I see from your site that you are doing good things. Keep up the outstanding effort!

— April 10, 2012

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