Legal ≠ Acceptable

Dave Killion — April 11, 2012

I am making my way through the final chapter of Contemporary Political Philosophy (the Victoria LBC’s current selection), and came across this passage –

“For libertarians, employers should be free to design their jobs however they see fit, and indeed to engage in old-fashioned discrimination if they want.”

No, no, no, no, no, no, no… no.

Libertarians think discrimination shouldn’t be punished by the state. That is not the same thing as saying employers should be free to indulge in it. Discriminatory businesses should be boycotted, mocked, and shunned by both vendors and consumers. Sadly, author Kymlicka and those like him cannot conceive of society as anything other than the state. Therefore it seems to them that if one is hostile toward government action against something like discrimination, then one must not be opposed to it. And to the real ideologue, it means they must favour it. Lazy and illogical, I know, but for some folks, feeding their confirmation bias is priority one.


David says

You make a great point Dave and its one I hope the world hears loud and clear. It is frustrating to have to constantly explain to people that just because I think something should be legal does not mean I condone it.

— April 11, 2012

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