He’s Got a Point

Dave Killion — April 12, 2012

Over at Liberty PEI, our implacable ally Ashley Johnston lays out “The Problem with Americans” –

“If Canada were to become the 51st state then there would be an extra 309 million people who would have a say over how I manage my life. Of course, this is reciprocal. I would have a say in how the 309 million people get to run their lives but I have no desire to do so. Simply put, I am not an American, politically or culturally. I don’t like guns, their politicians scare me, and their historical mythology is creepy. I don’t want to throw my lot in with theirs.”

I understand having a problem with Americans, but guns? Don’t be a hater, Ashley!


Ashley Johnston says

I’m sure you are baiting me, but what the hell, I’ll bite.

I see guns much the same way I see weed. I don’t much like having them around me. That being said, I don’t care if my neighbours have them, I will likely need them in the foreseeable future, and I will be better off the more comfortable I am with them.

But at the moment I can say, “I don’t like guns (or weed).”

— April 12, 2012

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