Life Has Risks

Dave Killion — April 16, 2012

Here’s a letter to the Times Colonist –

You report that the B.C. Federation of Labour is upset over new WorkSafe BC regulations (Changes to worker safety rule spark B.C. protests, April 15). The Federation alleges concern over reduced worker safety, but I am skeptical. If I suggested that nightshift workers should be made even safer by requiring them to wear body armour and be protected by an armed guard, people¬†would say that the notion was ridiculous. What they would actually mean (but don’t dare say) is that the small number of preventable deaths that would be avoided by such measures are worth suffering in order to avoid the massive expense and inconvenience of such a regulation.

Safety levels involve trade-offs, and it is the natural right of employers and employees to negotiate the trade-offs between safety levels and levels of compensation. Attempts by the BCFL to use government to violate those rights are worthy of nothing but derision.

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