The Nature of the Beast

Dave Killion — April 22, 2012

Hey, who invited these guys?

Canada has seen a fair bit of unrest lately. In British Columbia and Ontario, teachers are kicking up a fuss. Air Canada pilots have fallen ‘ill‘, but it’s travellers who have suffered the consequences. And students in Quebec enjoy their low tuition so much, they are willing to get pepper-sprayed in order to keep it that way.

Well, that’s how it goes when the state is involved. When things go wrong, you can’t fix it by working harder, or by doing a better job. You can’t turn to a different supplier. The only thing you can do is beg, or whine, or threaten, or become violent. But you can’t take wages or benefits from the government and expect to keep your dignity. That’s not part of the deal.


G says

I was really impressed by these signs until I realized they were likely intended for sarcasm (I really hope not!!). Here’s some translations I was quickly thinking of while reading these.

“Capitalism rocks!” – The ability to keep, save, and build upon what you produce, and have that right to your own body and the effects of its labor rocks!

“Privatize more stuff” – Respect individuals and voluntary transactions. Initiating violence is wrong.

“Profit before people” – This sign then doesn’t really make sense as profit, when achieved through voluntary transaction, is the effect of providing net value to others.

“More cars less trees” – This sign also doesn’t make sense as you don’t make cars out of trees.

“Money is my life” – Helping others though voluntary transactions is my life – wow, that seems very noble of you. Remember your family and friends too! :)

— April 23, 2012

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