Rejecting Caesar’s Sanction

Dave Killion — April 26, 2012

What Dog has united, let no man tear asunder.

If you are single and will one day get married, you might want to consider what business it is of the state. And if, like all good libertarians, you conclude ‘none’, then you might want to weigh the value of a state marriage certificate against the indignity of submitting an application to our overlords. And to aid your contemplation of this matter, who better to turn to than that Wazir of Wiener Dogs, The Whited Sepulchre? Attend to him as he quotes from the wisdom of Will Campbell –

“If there is a body, a community, which is truly Church, or even claims to be Church, why should it be the executor of Caesar’s documents? What is a marriage license but a legal contract? And what does any legal contract promise and offer except the right to sue one another at another time and place before another of Caesar’s agents? Perhaps such contracts are socially necessary but what does that have to do with us? And even if we are not Church now but want to become Church, free from the demands and legality of Caesar, why not start by returning all of his documents and refusing ever to do it again? “No, Mr. Caesar, that is not our understanding of what marriage is all about. If you must protect yourself and your citizenry in this fashion you may continue to do so. But not with our help and blessing. Let the faithful come before the altar of the One we must serve rather than, and before, you. And acting on His, and only His, authority we will pronounce them man and woman, husband and wife.”

Read the whole thing here.

Incidentally, I see Mr. Sepulchre is soon taking part in an event that sounds like an awful lot of fun. I can’t say for sure what inspired this affair, but I certainly have my suspicions…


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