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Dave Killion — May 5, 2012

The Charlottetown Libertarian Book Club continues to add members, and in time will undoubtedly become an island of reason for east-coasters currently tossed in the tempestuous sea of authoritarianism. Amongst the most recent members is Chris Murphy, who introduces himself so –

“I am 25, love meeting new people and I have a wonderful personality. I prefer people who do not look down to others. You need to be open minded, and cannot be prejudiced. I embrace the fact that I am a Wholly Effeminate Gay man, and, a Libertarian.”

I am taking the time to write about Chris because he is the author of one of Canada’s few libertarian blogs. Please be sure to bookmark The Murph Report, where you can get Chris’s unique perspective on the free market, individual rights, social issues, entertainment, and fashion and style. Here’s a sample –

“As it is well known self-defence is a right in any free society, and, thus we should be able to use it to defend person and property. For it is by citizen’s helping with those whom are commiting harm, and, force against others that will lesson the tax burden toward peace officers. In addition citizens arrests, and, self-defence are well founded in common law practices of all free societies universally. For these reasons, and, the fact this bill helps toward the ability of all of the above mentioned rights of a free people I vote yay on bill C-26,  “The Citizen’s Arrest and Self-defence Act.”

Please make time to read Chris’s blog and comment from time to time. Blogging can be lonely work, and it’s important to support those voices who speak for us.

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