Paved With Good Intentions

Dave Killion — May 8, 2012

Recent elections in France and Greece, as well as some drama in the Netherlands, have demonstrated an increased appetite for political extremism in Europe

“Another week, another European government falls by the wayside — and in each recent case the center was defeated by the extremes, or by what used to be the extremes before they crept into the mainstream. The Greek center-left and the Greek center-right were pummeled by outliers on both sides of the political spectrum. In the Netherlands, the machinations of an upstart party forced the centrists out of power too.

In France, the story is subtler but still similar: In fact, both candidates spent the latter part of the campaign pandering to the far reaches of their respective parties.”

I have never read Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom”, but I have read the graphic novel version (available here) and the article referenced above caused me to recall two pages in particular:

I find the whole matter somewhat chilling, but being always on the lookout for that silver lining, it occurs to me that since Europe and the United States are bent on collective economic suicide, and the wealthy in those countries are not likely to sit around waiting to be fleeced by the greedy and the incompetent, there is an opening for a fiscally responsible state that can provide a place to which said rich people may flee. Being one of the most libertarian states in the world, Canada has a terrific opportunity here to further improve its investment environment and bring a great deal of additional prosperity to its citizens. I certainly hope our masters recognize it.


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