Isn’t Vote Buying Illegal?

Dave Killion — May 9, 2012

The provincial government has introduced legislation to create a new holiday in British Columbia called Family Day, starting in February 2013. Business concerns have been dismissed on the grounds that the stretch between New Year’s Day and Easter is so long, families ‘deserve’ a break. Plus, the holiday practically pays for itself! –

“(Premier Christie Clark) acknowledged that some businesses may have concerns about another paid day off for workers, but suggested the holiday could pay off economically and socially.

“Think about ski hills and tourist destinations,” Clark said. “Think about restaurants and hotels on Family Day. People will use it to take their family out and do things. That’s the purpose of it.”

Well, I guess I just never thought about it like that. It appears that people have simply not had enough time to spend their money! Perhaps the government is really on to something here. Perhaps what we really need is even more paid holidays.

Seriously, how can anyone swallow this? More state-mandated holidays means lower wages, fewer and smaller pay raises, and slower job creation in BC. Taxpayers will be better served if this holiday has a name more in keeping with its outcome, rather than its intent… perhaps Anti-Investment Day, or Victory Over Entrepreneurship Day. Considering the current state of the global economy, citizens should recognize this proposal for what it is – a goodie for the benefit of public sector unions at the expense of provincial families.


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