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Dave Killion — May 10, 2012

The provincial government of Quebec has responded to the elimination of the long gun registry by obtaining an injunction preventing the federal government from destroying existing gun registry data, which it wishes to use in order to establish a provincial registry. However, some Quebec firearms owners aim to dodge this attempted infringement by selling their long guns outside of Quebec. Here’s how –

  1. Call CFC 1-800-731-4000 and follow prompts to initiate a transfer.
  2. Tell the agent that you have sold X number of non-restricted firearms “OUT OF PROVINCE”. State that the buyer showed proof of a valid PAL.
  3. The agent will then ask for Certificate and Serial numbers of long guns.
  4. Agent will then advise that they will de-register the long guns from your Possession and Acquisition License. In other words, you are NO LONGER IN POSSESSION of said firearms.

It appears that there is nothing in the law stating a Quebec resident can not “borrow” any un-registered firearm for an indefinite amount of time. Just to be safe, I think it might be best to have someone with a PAL from outside of Quebec who is willing to attest to ownership of the firearms.

Also, there are reports that firearms retailers in some provinces have been ordered by the Chief Firearms Officers of said provinces to collect and keep records of personal data for firearms purchases. Private sales are exempt from this, so if you want to purchase a non-restricted firearm, give your money to a friend who has a PAL. He can buy the piece, and then sell it to you for $1, so there is no record that you own the piece, and your friend can honestly say he sold the gun shortly after he brought it. You can do him the same favour, as well. So long as these nasty bureaucrats and politicians keep trying to subvert the will of the people, we have a duty to try to outmaneuver them. Don’t miss an opportunity.

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