Taxes and Morality

Dave Killion — May 24, 2012

A small study recently published in the journal Symbolic Interaction examines why many Americans hate paying taxes. DUH! It’s because they are selfish and greedy, right? Well, maybe, but that’s not what the haters think

“In essence, middle-class Americans, the results suggest, see taxes as a means of robbing hardworking citizens of their dignity.

The participants “portray taxation as a threat to the moral order because they believe taxes deprive deserving hardworking middle class people of dignity, while rewarding others who are undeserving (both rich and poor)… “

I haven’t looked at the study in any detail, so for all I know it’s just more of the same old junk science that permeates our lives. But if it’s not accurate, it should be. It should be obvious to all of us, Canadian and American, that it is immoral to seize the possessions of one group ¬†and hand them over to another. The fact that it isn’t suggests we suffer from a massive character deficit, and libertarians might be wise to focus more on making the moral arguments rather than the economic arguments.

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Ashley Johnston says

The moral argument should be an arrow in your quiver. It defuses the ‘cold-hearted libertarian’ view and it appeals to women in a way that guns and weed tend not to. My understanding is that there is a severe gender gap so we need all the tools in the box.

— May 25, 2012

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