A Brief Literary Observation

Dave Killion — May 30, 2012

I’ve been enjoying “Justified“, which just recently got the nod for a fourth season. The series revolves around a character created by Elmore Leonard, who is probably my favourite writer of crime fiction, which is probably my favourite genre along with science fiction. Leonard’s writing is fun because of all the great dialogue, but I sure get annoyed at how willing all the characters are to chat with the police. I guess that’s why there is great libertarian sci-fi, but no libertarian crime fiction. How can you write snappy dialogue when all your characters are libertarian, and therefore would know that talking to law enforcement is very dangerous¬†and best avoided? I imagine it would be very dull indeed.


missy says

I thought the same thing!! I keep yelling at the screen “HAVEN’T YOU PEOPLE WATCHED THE WIRE?? YOU NEED YOUR LAWYER!!”

— May 30, 2012

Ashley Johnston says

People thought that there could never be sci-fi crime fiction so Asimov took it upon himself to write Caves of Steel. Perhaps somebody will take up the challenge of writing libertarian crime fiction.

— May 31, 2012

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