Repeal Day: Now Twice a Year!

Dave Killion — June 4, 2012

Although I have reminded readers to celebrate December 5th (the anniversary of the ratification of the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution which repealed Prohibition), I was unaware that Canada has a Repeal Day all its own. Thankfully, my recent discovery of yet another Canadian libertarian blog has delivered me from my ignorance. From Freedom is My Nationality –

“85 years today prohibition of alcohol ended in Ontario. This was a great moment in Ontario’s history and a restoration of our freedoms. I encourage everyone to at some point tonight raise a glass to the freedom to consume alcohol.

At the same time you should keep in mind that the legacy of prohibition lives on in Ontario. The LCBO and the Beer Store were both created as a political compromise between prohibitionists and freedom lovers. These monopolistic powers restrict consumer choice and make it difficult for producers to sell their wares. Often Ontario law treats alcohol consumers like idiot children who need a stern lesson, instead of treating them like the responsible adults that they are.

Neo-prohibitionists want to not only keep these antiquated laws and institutions but to also expand them. There is a constant struggle to strip alcohol consumers of the freedom to do what they enjoy. The puritanical streak in people is very resilient.”

So, yes indeed,by all means, raise a glass for the sake of freedom.


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