Exploitation = Employment And Opportunity

Dave Killion — June 20, 2012

In this new video from Learn Liberty, Matt Zwolinski explains how sweatshops benefit the poor. It is difficult to cover a lot of ground in a five minute video, so Zwolinski provides extra material at the link. But wait, there’s more! Go here for Zwolinski’s response to some of the concerns voiced to him AFTER the video came out. A sample –

“In the developing world, factory jobs can be life-changing.

Now, as you say, no one really comes out and advocates that we just take those jobs away full stop. But they do advocate policies that have the effect of taking those jobs away.”

“Sweatshops, or the MNEs that contract with them,might be able to afford higher wages or better working conditions… But what they can afford to do is less important than what they will do. And very often, sweatshops and the MNEs that contract with them respond to consumer pressure by shutting down, automating production, or moving elsewhere. And that hurts people who can ill-afford to be hurt.”

Zwolinski makes a good case for avoiding policy that is intended to help, but harms instead. Please help him spread the word.

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