Wonders of The Free Market

Dave Killion — June 22, 2012

Although I am the libertarianist libertarian that ever libertarianed, even I get bored reading about nothing but government’s non-stop shenanigans. When that happens, I like to see what’s new in the private sector. And here it is: the backpack vacuum

Riddle me this: What does this device have in common with big government?

“Worn like a backpack, this is the lightweight vacuum that turns a physically demanding chore into an activity that’s as effortless as walking. Unlike traditional canister vacuums that are heavy and awkward to maneuver around floors and furniture, the backpack vacuum’s compact 7 1/2-pound canister stays flush against the user’s body, providing optimal mobility to slip into tight corners and access all spaces that need cleaning. Soft padding provides extra cushioning on the back and adjustable shoulder straps, while the unit¿s power button is conveniently located on the hose, eliminating the need to stoop to reach a switch.”

Too bad all my spare money is going towards prosecuting harmless drug users, subsidizing upper-middle class farmers, and fattening the Swiss bank accounts of third-world kleptocrats, because after having pushed an upright, pulled a canister, and dragged the hose of a built-in, I’d like to give one of these a go.

Via Red Ferret

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