Happy Canada Day

Dave Killion — July 1, 2012

As Canada Day is wrapping up, I think it is wise to reflect on what it is that makes Canada one of the best countries on the planet. The answer, in brief, is that it is one of the most libertarian places on the planet. Only five countries rank higher for economic freedom, and a review of several indexes consistently finds Canada in the top ranks for personal freedoms. And as Michael  Kelly-Gagnon of the Montreal Economic Institute writes in his chapter of Freedom Champions, freedom is Canada’s cultural foundation –

This is a little known fact, but until the 1960s, Canada as a whole had a government that was as small, and in some respects smaller, than that of the United States. Interventionist fads (such as the creation of a central bank, income tax, unemployment insurance and other welfare programs) were usually implemented ␣rst in the United States and then in Canada several years later. uebec itself had, until the 1950s, one of the least intervention- ist governments on the continent. During the Great Depression, a uebec premier criticized Roosevelt’s New Deal as ‘a Socialistic venture bordering on Communism’!”

Of course, libertarians know that Canadians are free only relative to other nations, and even so are still oppressed far beyond anything a human being should tolerate. But it is a comfort to know that in the Great White North, freedom is bred in the bone, and may yet come out in the flesh.

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