Choice Is Good, Even When It Comes To Zoning

Dave Killion — July 11, 2012

Victoria Vision has posted another reason why the municipalities of Greater Victoria should amalgamate; too many zoning classifications

“Not counting Victoria, (there are) 522 zoning classifications and 198 comprehensive development zones.   This is simply utterly over the top and ludicrous.   Why bother with zoning bylaws at all if we have so many of them?   It is not only the number of zones that is a problem.”

“Our region is very badly zoned and will always be so until we have a unified planning and zoning process.  Only amalgamation can fix this.”

If the pro-amalgamation crowd is going to advance this position, they are going to have to demonstrate that all the municipalities are badly zoned, and they are going to have to prove that areas that have more centralized governance are never badly zoned. Otherwise, assertions that amalgamation will bring about superior zoning are groundless. Plus, when bad zoning happens, it is much better to have the damage contained within one smaller municipality than spread over an entire region. That fact alone suggests that we would benefit from far more zoning choices, rather than fewer.

There doesn’t seem to be much of an appetite for discussing amalgamation right now, but should it arise, in view of the arguments proponents are offering, they are going to have a very difficult time.


Ashley says

Proponents will have to demonstrate such things to you and other rational people, but I doubt the decision will be in the hands of rational people. As for people who understand the dynamics of freedom may say, ‘Liberty is the solution; what is the problem?’ People who do not understand freedom seem to think something like, ‘Centralization is the solution; what is the problem.’

That is to say, for many people merely to articulate a problem is to make a case for centralization.

— July 13, 2012

Ashley says

Also, is there a word that is the opposite of ‘amalgamation’.

— July 13, 2012

Dave Killion says

Depending on the manner in which the division occurs, partition, secession, or separation might serve.

— July 13, 2012

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