The Turning Of The Tide

Dave Killion — July 15, 2012

I have never met anyone who understood libertarianism that wasn’t libertarian, so reading what non-libertarians write about libertarians is often a painful exercise. This article at Vice proves an exception –

“Most people, when they think of a libertarian, picture some kind of outsider, a weirdo—a lip-smacking Texas fireworks salesman in a ten-gallon hat, or someone like that sloshed constitutionalist whose DUI arrest video went viral last year. I’ve often heard liberals write libertarians off as “idiots.” But Danny and Matt are two of my best friends, and they aren’t idiots. They’re smart, thoughtful guys. I don’t exactly agree with their politics, but I understand where they’re coming from. Both voted for Obama in 2008. Now they can’t stand him. But they’re not so keen on Romney or the political right, either. Danny and Matt are fed up with everything, the whole political system.”

The article goes on to suggest a bright future for libertarianism, as socially liberal and increasingly fiscally conservative young people find their voices and each other. One can only hope.

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