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Dave Killion — July 16, 2012

From the time I started school in the late ’60s, I have heard an endless procession of apocalyptic environmental predictions, none of which have materialized to any great extent. We still have trees, and copper, and oil. Air and water quality have been improving in more and more areas, and not only have mass extinctions failed to materialize, many endangered animal populations are rebounding and repopulating areas from which they had disappeared. In some cases, bad government stewardship has been replaced ┬áby better government stewardship, and in other cases private citizens, pursuing either profit or personal satisfaction, have been the driving force. For example –

Return of the King Salmon

Can Brown Bears Survive in the Pyrenees?

Bialowieza Forest – Remarkable Remnant of Europe’s Primeval Past

We only hear one story like these for every thousand predictions of doom, but you can’t sell newspapers or get research funding by saying things are getting better. So, try not to be disheartened. Things are better than some people want us to believe.

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