Wonders Of The Market

Dave Killion — July 22, 2012

How about some nice, fresh Air?

I have never been much of a drinker, and I have never understood how people can acquire a taste for things like beer, whiskey, scotch, etc. No, when I drink, I drink for the funny feeling, which means I’m chiefly a shot-and-a-chaser kind of guy. If I could get drunk on something that didn’t taste of alcohol, but of coke, or root beer, or Dr. Pepper, I would enjoy the whole experience that much more. Sadly, the market hasn’t delivered that, yet. But at least I can now have booze that tastes like… nothing

“Air is a Water + Alcohol. Carbonated. It’s All Natural. 95 Calories*. New. Perfect for getting your evening started, keeping the night going or just taking a quick break. Come Up for Air. Enjoy responsibly.”

It seems Air is fermented so as to be odourless, colourless, and tasteless, so it will be very boring to drink. Perhaps one could add it to something tasty, like coke, but then the drink will just taste like watery coke. I suppose if you were a whiskey and water drinker, you could mix Air and whiskey, but the ramifications are too horrible to contemplate.

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