Eating Like A Libertarian

Dave Killion — August 4, 2012

As a libertarian, it sometimes seems to me that the path to health, happiness, and prosperity can be found by taking every piece of advice that comes from the government, and do the opposite. Case in point: nutrition

Guys like Taubes and Tom Naughton have found a sympathetic audience amongst libertarians, who are naturally skeptical of the prevailing wisdom on virtually every subject. As a consequence, many libertarians have foresworn all refined carbohydrates and embraced other components of the primal and paleo lifestyle, reportedly to good effect. Having personally gained an average 1/4 pound per month since leaving high school, I can report that even my own half-hearted adoption of the regimen has not only ended this nearly implacable increase, but helped me shed 15 – 20 pounds. There have also been some respiratory and inflammatory issues that appear to have been largely resolved, but I am hesitant to attribute that to the regime because correlation doesn’t equal causation. That said, the correlation is quite strong.

Frustrating as libertarians can find the world to be, I can honestly say that I have never been happier than since I became libertarian. Not only have I acquired a firm moral compass and an intellectual clarity I had previously not even known I lacked, but I have also befriended people who are smarter and more decent than I might otherwise have met, and stumbled upon thinkers who have made my future more promising with their suggestions as to how I can become healthier, wealthier, more knowledgeable, and more attractive. This is a great deal more than one would expect from a political philosophy, and I have certainly not seen the like amongst my progressive and conservative acquaintances.


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