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Dave Killion — August 5, 2012

If you live in Britain and want to find a molecatcher, learn to be a molecatcher, or just join a guild of molecatchers, the market has anticipated your needs –

“The Guild of British Molecatchers is intent on establishing and maintaining a recognised standard for traditional mole control in Britain….

To show commitment to the welfare of moles whilst maintaining a standard of control that is recognised as being exemplary – a benchmark level of service that others can only aspire to.”

If you live in British Columbia, and moles are all up in your business, you can hire a professional mole catcher locally, but they meet a different standard

“Holey Moley is an independent company specializing in the removal of moles from lawns and gardens in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.  We are government certified and licensed by the British Columbia Ministry of Environment. “

Considering the knowledge each of these certifying agencies has, and the incentives they face, I’m pretty sure British moles don’t sleep any more securely at night than do British Columbian moles, despite the lack of state involvement. I think libertarians everywhere will agree: it’s time for government to deregulate the mole catching industry.


Missy says

Dad, you need to stop fighting this and start thinking about something you can regulate for profit! Is anyone watching the people who help you pick your foot size at shoe stores? Can just anybody work the till at a grocery store that sells over the counter painkillers??

— August 6, 2012

Dave Killion says

You’re right. Won’t anyone think of the children?

— August 6, 2012

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