Wonders Of The Marketplace

Dave Killion — August 7, 2012

Red Ferret keeps us up-to-date on the endless efforts of selfish entrepreneurs to acquire wealth by generously providing for every desire you never even knew you had! Today’s offering? The Remote Controlled Armoured Drink Carrier –

“This little water cannon can carry four 12 ounce cans of soda at once, and can respond to your direction from up to 250 feet away. As it has independent left and right wheel controls, it can make three hundred and sixty degree turns with ease. Its on-board water gun has a reservoir that can hold 8 ounces, and fire up to eight feet away. The wheels can retract into the wells, and it has twin propellers that will have it sailing across the water. That way you can either retrieve your drink while in the pool, and sneak up on unsuspecting sunbathers. This will cost you about $100, but is a fun way to keep hydrated while simultaneously partaking in water wars.”

If this can be done even under the tremendous regulatory burdens that currently constrain the marketplace, imagine the possibilities of a libertarian regime!

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