You Did Not Know This

Dave Killion — August 7, 2012

Witness this Iranian aggression!

You probably know that wrestling, along with athletics (track and field), is the most ancient of all sports, and can be found in every culture in some form or another. What you did not know is that one it’s foremost practitioners is Iran –

“Iranian wrestling, also known as koshti in Persian, has a very long tradition and history in Iran. It has been practiced since the ancient times in different parts of greater Iran in various styles among which Pahlavani wrestling is the most popular. The Iranian wrestling styles can be divided into two major categories; in one category lifting and throwing the opponent is considered victory, whereas in the other category bringing part or all of the opponent’s back, the knee, or the arm to the ground is considered victory.”

The Iranian passion for wrestling has culminated in two gold medals at the London Olympics, with perhaps more to come

Iran had never won an Olympic gold medal in Greco-Roman wrestling until the London Games.

By the time the discipline wraps up Tuesday, the Iranians could very well be boasting about a gold for each day of the competition.

Saied Mourad Abdvali of Iran hasn’t lost in nearly two years, and the 2011 world champion will be the favourite at 66 kilograms to join teammates Hamid Soryan and Omid Noroozi as gold medallists . The Iranians could end up with three golds in three days.”

Iran is supposed to be some kind of tremendous threat to the West in General, and to the US in particular, but having grown up during the Cold War and hearing how the Soviets and the Chinese were going to end our world, I just don’t feel that threatened. Of course, there are a lot of US and Iranian politicians whose fortunes seem tied to whipping up fear and aggression, and unfortunately, Canada seems to be going with the flow rather than saying loudly and clearly that we desire nothing but peace and free trade with Iran. If this were a more libertarian world, we could restrict our competition to the marketplace and the gymnasium, but it seems the allure of the battlefield may prove irresistible.

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