Major Development

Dave Killion — August 12, 2012

Liberty PEI blogger and Charlottetown Libertarian Book Club member Ashley ‘Subsidiarity’ Johnston has posted Episode 1 of Subsidiarity Podcast, a  one-hour discussion of current events and topics of interest from a libertarian perspective. I am pleased and honoured to co-host this bold new venture, and very eager to hear your feedback. Please have a listen, and let us know what you think –

Subsidiarity Podcast Episode 1


Ashley Johnston says

Some more links for you:

Subscribe here:

QR code for above here:

Information pages with relevant links will be posted here:

— August 13, 2012

G says

Nice work! Quality stuff.

— August 13, 2012

Ashley Johnston says

Podcast home page
Not a pretty url, but it is a top link on Liberty PEI

I use this code to allow the mp3 to be streamed from the page. It doesn’t matter where you put it. Try it it if you like.

— August 15, 2012

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