Stylish Statement

Dave Killion — August 15, 2012

The wearing of empty holsters as a means to protest restrictive laws against concealed- and open-carry laws is well established in the U.S., and has even made an appearance in Canada. In that vein, I have often thought that if many citizens wore holsters regularly, it might spur discussions concerning the right to self-defense, as well as desensitizing the public somewhat to an irrational fear of firearms. The fact is, though, wearing a holster is a drag, and if you can’t even put a firearm in it, it is probably more trouble than any but the most fervent advocate will tolerate. But say your ‘holster’ had the same utility as a fanny pack, without the nerdy tourist quality! Well, that’s something people might choose to wear no matter what side of the debate they fall in. These particular models are a little to biker-y for my taste, but something with a little canvas, a little molded plastic, and some web-belts… well, now you’re talking

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