A Fistful Of Freedom

Dave Killion — August 17, 2012

The FP-45 Liberator

“Made by the Guidelamp Division of General Motors at the behest of the US Army over a few months in the Summer of 1942, the Liberator was never intended for use by our armed forces…

…The pistols would be air dropped by the hundreds of thousands into enemy occupied territory, where it was expected the Germans would never be able to recover all of them…

A common civilian, alone with a conquering German soldier, suddenly produces the single shot .45 and drops the man in a surprise attack, afterwards making off with the soldiers weapons. Now the German Army is down one soldier, the resistance has one more battle rifle, and every other German soldier has to wonder….¬†will he be next?”

Although the U.S. never carried out this plan and most Liberators were destroyed or lost over time, the notion of providing the masses with an inexpensive, easily obtained firearm with which to defend themselves from oppression lives on –

Defense Distributed, a libertarian student partnership, is announcing a project they’re calling the Wiki Weapon. This project’s goal is to test and prove a design for a completely printable, one-use ABS plastic .22 handgun, and to take that design from CAD and port it to a .STL file that will then be freely shared across all major file-sharing platforms to the world. DefDist is anticipating a world where 3D printing becomes much more economical and ubiquitous, and the Wiki Weapon will be one step in providing political and personal leverage to the peoples of that world. The value of such a file’s existence in the future cannot be overstated.”

This looks like a worthy project, so please visit the website and consider making a donation.


Frank says

I can already see the bumper sticker-
“3D printers don’t kill people, people kill people”…
Great idea.

— August 20, 2012

Dave Killion says

Frank: Now you’ve got me thinking… skip the sticker, and get a 3D-printed bumper.

— August 20, 2012

Felix says

I used to wonder why the US didn’t airdrop millions of cheap guns into dictatorships to destabilize them. Then I grew up and realized half the dictators were put there by the US, and the other half provided a useful excuse to grow the US military.

It amused me no end to see reports that the Obama administration was giving full auto weapons to the Syrian opposition at the same time they’d like to ban all guns of all types in the US. Guns for thee and thine enemies’ enemies, but none for me?

— August 20, 2012

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