Mea Culpa

Dave Killion — August 27, 2012

Who says you can't have both!

It seems like only yesterday that I was urging all of you to make a habit of listening to CBC’s The Invisible Hand. Well, it wasn’t yesterday, it was two months ago, and I am abashed to confess that I have not listened to a single episode since. Something jogged my memory recently, and I visited the site today to find to my horror that I have missed eight episodes. I can only imagine what you all must think of me…

In an effort to restore your faith, I pledge to listen to one episode each day, until I am all caught up. If you had intended to follow the program, but failed to follow through, I hope you will join me in my campaign. If you care to follow my progress, visit our Facebook page , where you can confirm I have met my daily goal OR berate me for my pathetic failure.

Episode 2: Gold Vs. Chickens – When the economy fails, which of these commodities will best avail you? Heck, you’re libertarian, you already know the answer! Or do you…

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