Libertarians Outperform U.S. President In Recent Appearances

Dave Killion — August 31, 2012

Reddit? I damn near killed it!

The social news website “Reddit” has a particularly popular feature called IAmA (“I am a…”), in which a user invites visitors to AMA (Ask Me Anything). The site recently got a lot of attention from mainstream media recently when U.S. President Obama posted an AMA. You can visit it here, and enjoy watching Mr. Obama decline to answer questions about decriminalizing marijuana in favour of assuring us that the White House beer recipe will soon be made public.

If, on the other hand, you think ignoring Mr. Obama is a better option, you might still enjoy reading an AMA with Nick Offerman. Mr. Offerman is the actor who plays libertarian Ron Swanson in “Parks and Recreation“, and his appearance was slightly better received. Better still, check out the AMA with US Congressman Ron Paul. Compared to either the President or the actor, Mr. Paul’s appearance was wildly popular. The new media has provided libertarians with a great opportunity to spread our message of peace and prosperity. I hope it takes us far.

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