A Good Quiz, And A Great Quiz

Dave Killion — September 2, 2012

This is what a great quiz looks like.

The Pew Research Center is offering an on-line political party quiz called ‘Where Do You Fit?‘ Using 12 questions, the quiz supposedly determines which of the two major U.S. political fits you best, and even where you fit within the party in terms of extremism. Unsurprisingly (being libertarian), I scored as a very liberal Democrat on social issues, and a very conservative Republican on economic issues. However, combining these results gave me an overall rating between conservative Republican and very conservative Republican. Bzzzzzz!

What skews the result is that some questions concern government involvement (Should gays and lesbians be legally allowed to marry?) while others did not (Can one parent bring up a child as well as can two parents together?) The result? One more quiz based on the Left/Right political spectrum that does not help identify libertarians either to themselves or others.

If you want a good, accurate test for determining someone’s political orientation, there is no substitute so far for the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. You can find the classic version here, and the Canadian version here.

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