Hands Of Pre-Schooler Said To Resemble Weapons

Dave Killion — September 10, 2012

Hunter Spanjer is a three-and-a-half-year old student attending public school in Grand Island, Nebraska. He is deaf, and communicates in sign language. The manner in which he signs his name is of such grave concern to school administrators that they have “asked” his family to change it –


The first time school administrators saw little Hunter signing his name, I imagine they made straight for the fainting couch, clutching their pearls tightly to their bosoms. Hopefully, someone had smelling salts on hand.

In all seriousness, the most nauseating part of this whole matter has to be the prissy bureaucrat assuring us that they are “working with the parents to come to the best solution for the child.” Good idea! Allow me to make some recommendations to the Spanjers:

Replace Hunter’s current sign with something that looks like arming and throwing a grenade. Better yet, use a stabbing motion and nickname him ‘Butcher”. Or perhaps there’s a sign for shotgun, bazooka, or AK-47 that doesn’t look so threatening as Hunter’s innocent little cross-fingered drum rolling. Whatever you elect to do, I hope you agree with me that the best solution is the one that teaches your son that dignified human beings don’t retreat in the face of foolishness emanating from officious little fusspots. He has enough challenges as it is.

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