The Rumble Is A Fumble

Dave Killion — September 19, 2012


On Saturday, October 6, Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly will face off in a debate of some sort. Although the event is sold out, it will stream live on the internet, and you can listen to it for $4.95. Oh, and half the net profits go to charity. My advice? Donate $4.95 to the charity of your choice, and spare yourself the agony of listening to a Team Blue cheerleader and a Team Red cheerleader each trying to convince you that his team’s brand of authoritarianism is the most desirable.

You know what might have made this worth buying a ticket to? Having John Stossel take part. By having a libertarian in the mix, some people might have been woken up to the fact that no matter if the boot is red or if it is blue, they are still going to get kicked in the teeth. Such a shame.

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