The Charity Of The One Percent

Dave Killion — September 21, 2012

From left to right... Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Peter Peterson, Leon Black, Jon Bon Jovi, Marc Benioff, David Rubenstein, Steve Case, Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, Marc Andreessen.


Here are a dozen of the world’s most wealthy and influential philanthropists. When you consider that every dollar they got came from people who felt they were getting more value in exchange than they gave up, their collective net worth of $120 billion (+/-) is a testament to the contribution they have made to humanity. As if that weren’t enough (and in a decent, rational world, it would be), they have given or pledged tens of billions of dollars to charitable causes.

And yet, I suspect that there is a large class of people for whom this generosity makes no difference. In their eyes, the only money that ‘counts’ is the money that is taken from the wealthy against their will. Because for that certain class of people, it’s not enough that the poor should be elevated, but the rich must also be humbled. The rich must be hurt, so that they suffer. They must be punished for their lives of ease, comfort, and privilege. And worst of all, those who are driven by envy and prejudice to lobby for stripping so much wealth from the rich don’t even recognize their own motivations. They think they are kind and noble, and doing good work. And they will never, never, never stop.


Ashley Johnston says

There has to be a differentiation between tax-exempt foundation activity and philanthropy. The Gates foundation seems to have some eugenic tendencies.

— September 22, 2012

The Whited Sepulchre says

Charity doesn’t count unless it’s funneled through a gang of Chicago machine politicians.

— September 23, 2012

Dave Killion says

Whited: Nothing says ‘I care’ like the willingness to take something that’s not yours and then give it to someone else.

— September 23, 2012

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