Wonders Of The Market

Dave Killion — September 27, 2012


The government gives us taxes, wars, and no-knock raids. What does the market give us? Alligator pool parties! –

“You say, ‘Well, we’re gonna have a party,'”…. “They go, ‘That’s nice.’ But you say, ‘We’re going to have a pool party with a gator.’ They go, ‘What?’ Everybody comes.”…. “The alligators used are juveniles, and their mouths are taped shut during the parties. They also have fun names like Burger, Fido and Kermit. Barrett claims that he teaches participants alligator safety first, and says that the chlorine doesn’t bother the gators.”

Man, oh man! Between the pony rides, bouncy castles, clowns, and petting zoos, I thought that kids’ birthday parties couldn’t get any better. But that is the genius of the market. Every minute of every day, some entrepreneur is trying to discover things I never even knew I always wanted. Who knows what delights await us, once we beat back the state.

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