U.S. “Out-Freedomed” On Every Continent

Dave Killion — October 2, 2012

“Americans love a winner, and will not tolerate a loser.”  General George Patton, 1944

So, what are we to make of the news that the U.S. has declined in global economic freedom from 3rd to 18th? –

“…. the decline began under President George W. Bush. For 20 years the U.S. had consistently ranked as one of the world’s three freest economies, along with Hong Kong and Singapore. By the end of the Bush presidency, we were barely in the top ten. And, as with so many disastrous legacies of the Bush era, Barack Obama took a bad thing and made it worse.”

By contrast, Canada has continued a slow, steady rise to it’s current ranking of 5, sparing Canadians the massive economic dislocations their southern neighbours are undergoing. True, Canada has it’s own time bombs ticking, and a reckoning is coming. But for the moment, Canada has more fully embraced libertarianism at the same time America has turned away. The consequences speak for themselves.

However, let it not be said that American decline is total! For those Americans who do  have a job, a mere 6 minutes of work at the national median wage is sufficient to pay for a pint of beer. That’s good for first place. Pity the poor Canadian, who must toil a full eleven minutes for the same reward. Well, given the economic forecast, it’s a good thing drowning your sorrows is so inexpensive in the U.S.

It may soon be all we can afford.


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