Anything Is Possible

Dave Killion — October 4, 2012

At times, spreading the libertarian message seems like too much effort. It is as if you have been knocked down and trampled while running a race. As you look up, bloody and stunned, watching your competitors increase their lead, no one would expect you to pick yourself up and go on. Walk off the track, and not only would no one think less of you, no one would even remember it the next day.

But what if you did get up? –

“(Alicia Follmar) was just over a lap into the first leg of the distance medley at the Penn Relays in Philadelphia when she was tripped accidentally from behind. She fell hard, and six or seven runners appeared to go straight over her.

What happened next was captured in unforgettable photos: Follmar got up quickly and regained her stride, while long streams of blood flowed down her face and neck. She had been spiked in the forehead, showed nasty abrasions up and down her right side and generally looked liked someone running in the Freddy Krueger Invitational.”

If Alicia can do it literally, you can do it metaphorically.┬áSo don’t stay down!




Antony says

Check out this similar race:

— October 5, 2012

Dave Killion says


— October 5, 2012

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