The Halloween Impulses Of A Libertarian

Dave Killion — October 27, 2012

To strike a blow against political correctness, coercive state regulation, and the nanny state, I considered passing out some very specific treats this Halloween: candy cigarettes and chocolate cigars –

Imagine my surprise when I went to, only to have Amazon say they are unable to ship either item to my default shipping address. My default address is in Canada, so I immediately became suspicious. Wikipedia, to the rescue

“….many critics believe the candy desensitizes children, leading them to become smokers later in life. Because of this, the selling of candy cigarettes has been banned in several countries”….”In Canada federal law prohibits candy cigarette branding that resembles real cigarette branding….”

Just to be certain, I looked around a little more, and I found some items that appear to be exceptions, and some that either disprove my suspicion or suggest such regulations are not being monitored. For example, Amazon would not ship one type of bubble-gum cigar, but appeared willing to ship another. offers candy cigarettes that appear to violate the regulation cited in Wikipedia. And there exists liquorice cigars that are MADE in Canada. They look familiar, so I presume they are sold here as well. It all gets very confusing, and seems a lot of fuss for very little gain.

And, just to crystallize the lunacy of all this, let me point out that our local shopping centre has a store called Candy Cures –

I suppose the desensitization of children to the abuse of prescription drugs just hasn’t caught nanny’s attention yet.


missy says

I’ll take all the happy pills, please!

— October 28, 2012

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