Halloween Proves Bigger Than New Jersey Governor

Dave Killion — November 7, 2012

A costume suggestion for the Governor of New Jersey

On Monday, October 29th, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie pulled a Grinch. That is, he behaved just like the Seuss character who thought he had the power and ability to stop Christmas from coming… Christie ordered that Halloween be postponed

“We believe that much time is necessary to ensure conditions are safe enough for towns to take part in them,” Christie spokesman Kevin Roberts wrote in an email. “Compliance with the order is a local matter, but it’s one we feel is necessary to ensure that Halloween celebrations happen in way that is enjoyable and safe for children.”

I guess Christie feels the local governments aren’t up to making any decisions about Halloween on their own, but they are smart enough to decide whether or not to obey his order to postpone Halloween. If anyone sees the logic in that, can you please explain it to me? –

“Phillipsburg Mayor Harry Wyant said…. “I don’t know why he’s getting involved in Halloween. I understand in certain areas of the state, but we postponed it last week and if we have to postpone it again it just won’t happen probably.”

Well, here’s a thought: parents love their children. If they think it’s safe for their rug rats to go out, so be it. Would things be a little uncoordinated? Maybe. I guess some homes in New Jersey would get Trick-or-Treaters dropping by for several nights in a row. Or maybe the schools would talk to the churches, and they would encourage everyone to celebrate on a certain evening. But whatever happens, I would prefer New Jerseyans demonstrate to Christie the lesson learned long ago by King Canute…. there are some things that are beyond his authority, and beyond his power.

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