Unmasking Government Stupidity

Dave Killion — November 8, 2012

If you don’t take that mask off, you’re gonna be in SO much trouble!

If you are attending a peaceful protest or demonstration in Canada, you might want to wear a mask or something, for the sake of anonymity and the benefits it brings. But if things turn violent, you better yank that thing off –

“While tens of thousands of children are putting the final touches on Halloween costumes and masks, the House of Commons has approved a bill banning people from hiding their faces during riots”….”The bill provides a penalty of up to 10 years in prison for anyone convicted of covering their face during a riot or other unlawful assembly.”

If someone is okay with smashing store windows, burning police cars, and stealing electronics, why would anyone think they would obey a no-mask-during-a-riot law? Fear of arrest? Even for political posturing, this is stupid. No, wait. I take it all back. The problem with this bill is that is doesn’t go far enough. Really, what should be required is a law against rioting without a permit. And anyone who applies for a permit will have to get fingerprinted. And pay a damage deposit.

For crying out loud.

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