The Difference Between Us And Them

Dave Killion — November 13, 2012


The workings of the non-libertarian mind are forever shrouded in mystery. In a post entitled “Nation unsure how it feels about video of President Obama crying“, Boing Boing editor Xeni Jardin comments on the above video –

“Maybe I’m projecting, but I think he might be crying for all those innocent people in Pakistan who lost family members in the 300+ drone strikes he authorized during his first term as president. Or maybe the innocent not-terrorists who are detained at Guantánamo because our military held them as terrorists, but can’t manage to figure out how to set free now.”

And amen to that. Too bad Jardin didn’t stop there –

“Like many others, I am glad Obama won, and I agree that he seems more “human” than his opponent. “

Given that Mitt Romney has so far only expressed a desire to  slaughter and imprison innocent people, I am staggered that anyone would find him less “human” than a President who has actually done so. And having acknowledged that the President is a murderer and a kidnapper, what part of one’s own humanity must one be lacking to be “glad” he has won re-election? I suppose it is that part that separates libertarians from everyone else.

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